Doğuş Suni Deri Kösele Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. manufactures PU, PVC coating, coagulated and neolite products which are used in shoes, slippers, bags, clothing, upholstery, accessories and various areas.
Since its establishment in 1958, our company has adopted continuous innovation and change as its main principle, and it provides continuous and sustainable support to both its customers and business partners in domestic and foreign markets.

Doğuş Suni Deri closely follows the fairs which inspire the current trends in the fashion industry. With the  extensive knowledge and experience of the marketing and sales teams and with the original designs of the R&D department, our firm provides collections with a broad range of alternatives in color and pattern selections, reflecting the present year’s trends in the fashion industry.

Upon an order made from the sample catalog provided to our customers, our primary principle is to provide the products in a timely manner.

Our Products with International Standards

Bilecik Facilities, which include a 14.135 m2 closed area within the 48.581 m2 area of Doğuş Suni Deri and attain an annual production capacity of 4.500.000 m/tl, allow us to provide a broad range of selections and excellent products to our customers in artificial leather, neloite and coagulated products, utilizing the latest technologies available in the industry. With the importance given on product quality, we are able to help our customers reach their objectives in their industries.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best service in the industry, utilizing our latest 4 headed coating line, %100  polyurethane and neolite manufacturing facilities, finish units, testing devices which have the ability to test the quality of any type of designed or manufactured products and optimal handling units.

We’re Always at Your Disposal:

As the Doğuş Suni Deri Kösele Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. family, we want to share your excitement, support you in every step of the manufacturing process, and help you towards reaching your dreams for the future.

We Were Able To:

We not only have a leading role in the domestic markets, but also provide exports to almost 25 countries, including nations in Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkic Nations.

We Will:

Our goal is to reach our founder Kemal Kahraman’s objectives: “We want to represent the Turkish community in the best possible way, become the symbol of quality and trust and make Doğuş Suni Deri the preferred brand in Turkey and abroad”.

In the production of our products, we use raw materials which do not contain any particulate matter, azo dyes, heavy metals and phthalate.

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Harman Cad. Ali Kaya SK.
Polat Plaza B Blok Kat 1 PK.34394
Levent / İstanbul

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